Vocal Intensives (Group Classes)

What are Vocal Intensives?

Vocal Intensives are a phenomenal way to accelerate your progress in your vocal work. They are 2.5 hours long and cost less than a private lesson. Think of it as a yoga class for your voice. Everyone does the same exercises together at the same time, and everyone still gets personal adjustments. You get a tremendous work out, and a beautiful camaraderie with your classmates.

Who should be attending? How should I use them?

Vocal Intensives are for everyone. That said, I do prefer to have a handful of private lessons with students before throwing them into the mix. I need to know your instrument and your goals to make sure I give you the proper adjustments during a group class.
Vocal Intensives are not a replacement for private lessons. They are a supplement, and an opportunity to practice your newer techniques in a supervised environment while getting a great workout! You wouldn’t go to the gym only once a week. Singing is a muscular discipline which requires muscle memory and fine tuned training.  It requires frequent repetition and good form. Doing that in private lessons is expensive and impractical, hence the Vocal Intensive.
They’re also a great way to get exposed to a much more vast array of technique than you’ll get in your own lessons, since other students will be working on different styles than you. There will always be exercises that are new enough that you don’t feel comfortable doing them on your own – try them out and ask for adjustments in a vocal intensive! Having difficulty with a particular concept? Discuss it with your class and ask how your fellow students found their breakthrough.