West Side Story, PCPA 2010

“‎West Side Story at the PCPA is an absolutely sensational production well worth the trip to Solvang. Excellent work by Zachary Ford and Sarah Girard and a particularly revelatory performance by Mindy Lym, as enchanting and spellbinding a Maria as you’ve ever seen.”

- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“[Zachary Ford and Mindy Lym's] singing [as Tony and Maria] was outstanding. Lym was very good as the feisty Maria and had one of the finest singing voices that I have ever heard on the Marian Theater stage” … “When Lym and Ford performed “One Hand, One Heart,” I was hooked.”

- Brad Memberto, Lompoc Record

“Mindy Lym, who plays Maria, takes the night away during the finale as she mourns. As the orchestral version of “Somewhere” quietly emanates through the speakers in the theater, Maria shrieks for her loss.”

- Henry Houston, The Santa Maria Sun

“Finally, there are West Side Story’s two leading ladies, Mindy Lym as Maria and Sarah Girard as Anita, a pair of gifted performers who pretty much steal the show whenever they’re on stage, and never more so than in an impassioned “A Boy Like That.” Put a short black wig and slinky dress on Girard and she’s transformed into a stunning sexy spitfire of an Anita. As for Lym, we Angelinos can only hope that this Bay Area treasure will grace us with her presence in the not so distant future. It’s almost worth the price of gas just to see (and fall in love with) the enchanting Lym, who plays Maria with more guts and depth than I can recall seeing, and sings with the voice of an angel.”

- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“Mindy Lym, a Bay Area-based performer, simply embodies Maria: Her singing voice is gorgeous, and her transformation from hopeful innocent into angry, anguished avenger in the final scene is astonishingly compelling.”

- Tom Jacobs, Santa Barbara Independant

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Broadway By The Bay 2010

“Lym’s comic timing was absolutely hilarious, especially in the song “Love is my Legs” opposite Brewer. I was hysterically laughing by the end of that number. Lym and Brewer’s vocals were equally as impressive! I could have watched those two interact all night; the connection was spot-on.”

- The Broadway Critic,

“Mindy Lym scored strongly as Christine Colgate. An extremely likable performer who is also a gifted farceur, she has a powerful soprano and uses it well.”

- George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

“All the cast have excellent voices and perform with verve and veracity. The female members of the cast are (in order of appearance) Tracy Chiappone, Kate Paul (she doubles as Sophia and Renee), Kate McCormick, Katie Blodget and last but not least and a real star, Mindy Lym.” … “Lym is an absolute jewel.”

- Kedar K. Adour, For All Events

All Shook Up, Center REP 2009

“Natalie (marvelous voiced Mindy Lym) is smitten in love with Chad who in turn is ga-ga of sexpot museum director Miss Sandra.”

- Kevin K. Adour Reviews

“Sattler makes the most of the Chad role, playing wonderfully opposite Benjamin Pither as his sidekick Dennis, who has a crush on the wonderful Mindy Lym, who plays Natalie, a gal mechanic with a crush on Chad.”

- Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

“Benjamin Pither (A New Brain, Act a Lady) is a delight as the nerd Dennis who has unrequited love for Natalie, played wonderfully by Mindy Lym (Bat Boy). Both break out in several songs with their golden chops.”

- Richard Connema

Mindy is nominated for a BATCC Award for her portrayal of Natalie.

Evita, Contra Costa Musical Theatre 2009

Mindy won a Shellie Award for her performance as Eva Peron.

See her acceptance speech here: Mindy Wins & Accepts the Shellie!

Into The Woods, Broadway By The Bay 2008

“Mindy Lym offers such a powerhouse performance as Cinderella, few could equal her in the role.”

- Cyndi Caldwell, Oakland Tribune

Follies In Concert, Oakland East Bay Symphony 2008

“One advantage of this approach was the pleasure of hearing an assortment of winning voices. Clark Sterling, Mindy Lym and Greg Zema were among those who stood out.”

- Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

My Fair Lady, Foothill Theatre 2008

“And oh, Eliza! Mindy Lym told me is was her first production for Foothill Theatre — Please, Jay Manley, tie her to a pole and keep her! She was superb! Of course, as a non-performer I am sure there are ‘tricks’ to performances, but her transition from talking and singing in the guttural way that Eliza does when Henry Higgins found her, to the ‘finished’ Eliza who fools the Prince of Transylvania as well as London Society — was incredible!”

- Sally Howe, The Campbell Express

“Lym is everything you could want in an Eliza but crass—she’s bright, cackly, proud, feisty, sensitive with dramatic skills that add to, rather than depend on, the powerhouse Lerner and Loewe songs (which include “With a Little Bit of Luck” and “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?”). Singing “I Could Have Danced All Night,” Lym offers a sweet blend of blushy and giggly. And later, when Higgins ignores her to congratulate himself in “You’ve Done It,” she circles the room, her face a quiet swirl of hurt and indignance . . . The moment of truth, which decides whether this couple will get together or not, provides the true proof of how captivating Wilder and Lym are together. They held the audience through an interminable (I daresay half a minute) pause in pin-drop silence.”

- Marianne Messina, MetroActive, Silicon Valley

“Audiences can’t help but root for the indomitable Eliza (portrayed by Mindy Lym) as she eventually squares off against the abominable Henry Higgins (Kit Wilder). Lym morphs by leaps and bounds from the whiny flower girl into a beautiful and extremely articulate young lady. Her performance shines with subtle expressions, a lovely face and a gorgeous singing voice.”

- Tom W. Kelly, San Francisco Bay Times

“Lym contorts her face masterfully to pantomine the hunger, fear, prudery and pride of a flower-girl-turned-lady. In an over-the-top musical, she strikes just the right balance of noise and subtlety, for instance when Eliza gleefully discusses her aut’s and father’s respective rum habits with a scandalized and fascinated Mrs. Enysford-Hill (Ruth E. Stein).

Despite my familiarity with the show, I was brought up short, and forced to think, during several arresting references to Eliza’s fear of physical violence and her conviction that ultimately Higgins would beat her. Not the typically light fare one remembers from the family musical, Lym’s hints of dark life experience fleshed out my appreciation for why Eliza is such a tough girl. and a adversary fit for Higgins’ distrustful misanthropy.”

- Eliza Ridgeway, Los Altos Town Crier

The Music Man, Hillbarn Theatre 2007

“The big surprise of the evening was 21-year-old Mindy Lym as Marian Paroo, the town librarian, with a soprano voice on such numbers as “Good Night My Someone,” and “Till there was you,” that may only be described as “glorious,” possibly the best I have ever heard in the role. And, she is a darn good actress, to boot. What a talent!”

- Keith Kreitman, San Mateo County Times

Mindy won the Hillbarn Subscriber’s Choice Award for her portrayal of Marian Paroo.