“What makes Mindy a true phenomenon as a teacher goes beyond her technique (which is flawless) or her innate ability to know exactly what it is her students need. Mindy helps to nurture and cultivate The Artist as a whole in every person she teaches.  She connects the How and the Why – not only do you learn the fundamentals of the voice in great detail, you learn how to integrate that knowledge into your body and build an instrument that is all your own.  She is adamant about YOUR voice, the color and character you already possess and helping you celebrate it while challenging you to command the full spectrum of your abilities.  I cannot imagine a more thorough, caring, or engaging person to learn and grow with and recommend her with all my heart!”

- Teresa Attridge, Theatre Bay Area Award for “Christmas Eve” in Avenue Q at NCTC

“Mindy Lym was able to do more for my voice in the first month of our work together than any other vocal instructor has done throughout the course of my career. Her exemplary technical knowledge is coupled with a keen understanding of differing musical styles and an insurmountable ability to articulate the integration of the two. The crystal clear manner with which Ms. Lym is able to dissect the myriad components of the voice in order to deliver achievable, actionable goals is what has allowed my vocal performance to soar over the last two years that I have been working with her. I cannot strongly enough recommend this masterful, kind, and passionate instructor.”

- Daniel J. Self, Munkustrap in the Broadway National Tour of CATS, National Tour of Catch Me If You Can

“Mindy Lym is a skilled and compassionate teacher, as well as an experienced performer. She lays the foundation of healthy and safe singing with proper breath support and vocal placement that allows me to sing effortlessly from my heart and soul—through Passiggios all the way up and down the scale. Of great importance, Mindy has an intuitive ability to adapt her vast knowledge of singing technique to each student’s needs. She patiently helps students choose material, set vocal goals and find ways to stretch into new singing areas. With her help, my own mid range is expanding exponentially into a higher soprano and smoother low. I highly recommend Mindy as a singing coach and mentor.”

- Carolyn Power, co-founder of Essential Action Productions, with co-star appearances in Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) and Chuck (NBC)

“Mindy is not only a brilliant performer, she is also a gifted and extremely generous teacher with an innate ability to see and to provide exactly what each student needs from her to help us learn.  Her store of images and analogies explaining the mechanics of singing seems endless.  Through her warmth, humor, and passion she creates a safe, caring learning environment that has allowed me to explore well beyond what I thought were the limitations of my ability.  Simply put, Mindy Lym is amazing.”

– Beth Deitchman, 2010 Bay Area Theatre Critic’s Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Play

“From the moment I began taking voice lessons with Mindy, I knew I would learn an incredible amount. She personalizes my lessons to exactly what I need. She uses wonderful analogies and she makes it great fun! I love going to my voice lessons! I highly recommend Mindy to any voice student who is looking to improve his or her instrument in a healthy and fun environment. She is an excellent teacher.”

-Courtney Iventosch, Wicked National Tour

“Mindy Lym has been the perfect vocal instructor for me over the past 14 months. She is patient and attentive and will draw as many pictures as she needs until I have an new technique “ah ha.”  She wears her wisdom very well, teaching the  basics and beyond.”
– Sandra Rubay

Eliza Doolittle (Mindy Lym) & Henry Higgins (Kit Wilder) celebrate after a major vocal breakthrough!