Maintenance & Comedy
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Maintenance & Comedy

Doing this show is really good for me. Because I’ve got this ridiculous high note in the middle of “Love Is My Legs” (A belted B. No not that one. The one that’s a half step below high C. Yeah that one.) I’m having to keep my voice is tip-top shape every day. Not just keeping it healthy and open, etc, as I usually do. But getting myself to the very edge of my abilities every day. So the day before I perform, I cut out all dairy. And of course, I’m not drinking ANY alcohol. Not even a  sip of champagne on opening night! It’s sort of funny living this pristine life. Cutting out wine and beer isn’t so much of a sacrifice. But dairy??? I could live on cheese. By choice. As soon as we got home Sunday night, I sliced up a bunch of cheddar and went to town! I’ll also have to refrain from screaming my head of at Giants Opening Day this Friday. THAT will be a sacrifice. Jumping up and down and pantomiming excitement as everybody around me produces mass amounts of sound. Who knew that would ever matter to me? lol. I’ll be the mute girl jumping up and down in the bleachers. :-)

And while I make this all sound so trying: It’s not. It’s a joy. It’s wonderful to have a goal, and to have the discipline and technique to follow through and get the results that I want. It’s utterly satisfying. And my belt is getting easier and clearer every day! Even the music director mentioned it. It’s really nice!

Performances are going great! The show is hysterical!! Audiences were a little small Saturday and Sunday because of Easter, but they were lively!! I love hearing people scream with laughter. It’s so much fun. And this is definitely one of those shows. It’s so nice to be greeted by fans after the show and hear them say “you were hysterical!” or “you made me laugh so hard!” I’m slowly learning that, while I haven’t had much confidence in my comedic skills, I’m really making people laugh. And that feels really good. Between this and All Shook Up last year, I’m really beginning to trust my comedic instincts. Anyway, all the pictures are up on my site. Well… Not all of them. There were over 200 production photos taken. There are a couple dozen up on the site. Enjoy!!

For tickets call 650-579-6656, mention that you’re a friend of mine, and mention discount code “STUFF” for $10 off each ticket. ;-)

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